Our Mission Is To Help You Connect Discover And Cure


1. What is Clinata.com?Clinata.com is the largest marketplace for Research connecting Sponsors, Sites and Service providers on one platform.

2. Which Package do I signup for?Users can select between the BASIC package which is free and has a limited set of features. We recommend you signup for the SILVER Package which is available at a annual subscription of US $300/- [equivalent to US$25 PER MONTH]. Clinata will soon be launching a GOLD package which will also include country packs for Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Poland, India,China,Russia, South Africa, Japan,Australia,Hungary, Czech Republic,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE,Bahrain,Qatar etc. The GOLD Subscription will be available as annual subscription at US $540/- [equivalent to US$45 PER MONTH].

3. What is the difference between using Clinata.com or a CRO?We are bringing down the cost of research by providing you a do-it-yourself platform to find the best sites and service providers globally and manage the relationships with these providers through the life of the project at a free or very low monthly subscription fee.

4. What are credits?We believe that customers should only pay for the data they use. We have a system of credits wherein you can unlock the site and provider data by using the credits. SILVER members get 20 credits included and GOLD members get 50 credits included. At any given time customers can purchase additional credits by clicking on the BUY CREDITS button on their menu. Each Credit costs US $10 ONLY.These credits can be used towards unlocking sites, providers, requesting feasibility, requesting referrals, site inspection reports, conferencing etc.